Nutrition Coaching

My Nutrition Coaching focuses on flexible dieting. This is a non-restrictive way of eating which includes all types of foods and targets staying within a caloric range and hitting macro-nutrient goals. I promise I won’t make you eliminate your favorite foods or follow strict unrealistic meal plans! Your diet should be flexible enough for you to follow now while also learning how to make adjustments when necessary. Together, we’ll create a plan with an eye toward sustainability.

As we age and our bodies change, our approach to nutrition should as well. What works for us in our twenties doesn’t necessarily hold up in our thirties and may fall drastically short in our forties and fifties. Our diets should be tailored to support our current lifestyle and aesthetic goals. During our initial consultation, I'll listen so I can get a sense of how you feel now and what you’d like to change or improve and create guidelines to help support you on that journey.

I ask my clients to track their food and share their food journal with me so we can get a good idea of where things stand when we begin our work. While we focus on nutrition, I also like to gather information regarding sleep habits, work life, and stress in order to provide my best, personalized recommendations for you. Talking about diet can be difficult and uncomfortable! But the conversations we have will help us create habits and systems so you can succeed in meeting your goals!

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What Clients are Saying

I love my body, but I am loving it even more right now. I worked with her last year as a fitness coach, re-building my conditioning level. I was in a rut and needed some impetus for change. Mitra was it. While working on my general fitness, I came to know Mitra’s gentle push: a dose of encouraging words, never ending knowledge and faith in the small steps. Then came nutrition. I had never worked with a nutrition coach. Mitra and I spent some time refining my goals and timeline. She put together a plan for me that made sense. From the get-go, it was accomplishable and sustainable yet forgiving when needed. I am so thankful for Mitra’s guidance, encouragement, and affirmation.

Meg T.