As a Certified Functional Strength Coach & Nutrition Coach, I work with clients one-on-one to provide coaching programs tailored to their needs, helping them find the best ways to build healthy habits and meet long-term goals. Body transformations should be measured not by how quickly it can be achieved, but how long it can be maintained, so our work together always focuses on sustainability and effort. As we change and mature, so do our body’s needs. My coaching is aimed at specifically meeting you where you are, individualized by age, gender, current lifestyle, and goals.

It’s about creating the lifestyle you want, with the people you love and feeling your absolute best!

A healthy lifestyle is one that includes conscious decisions about what we eat and how we move our bodies.

Coach’s Bio

Movement has always been an important part of my life. I continue to incorporate into my daily routine because fitness helps us age gracefully and live an independent life for as long as possible.  Functional training helps us maintain strength, power and mobility which is important because all three decline as we age. As a Certified Functional Strength Coach, I create programs helping them stay active and strong for as long as possible. What I expect from those I work with is an adherence to the program we choose and a commitment to follow through with our plan. I’m always enthusiastic to celebrate your progress, and you can count on me to show up as your accountability partner, helping to make sure you stay on track.


Nutrition Coaching

My Nutrition Coaching focuses on flexible dieting. This is a non-restrictive way of eating which includes all types of foods and targets staying within a caloric range and hitting macro-nutrient goals. Your diet should be customized to your needs so together, we make a plan created with an eye toward sustainability. Take a look at my Nutrition Coaching page for further information about working with me as well as pricing plan options.


Fitness Coaching

Consistent movement is a key factor in good health. I offer one-on-one coaching sessions as well as fitness videos tailored to your meet your long-term goals. Work with me from anywhere to turn simple approaches to staying active into healthy habits. Visit my Fitness Coaching page for further information and pricing options.


What Clients are Saying

I approached Mitra for personal training a few years ago after turning 40 and noticing my arms weren’t as strong as they once were. I was a reluctant, and at times, unmotivated client. Mitra was amazing. She would workout with me, explaining and modeling each technique as we laughed and powered through difficult routines with energetic playlists. Every workout was personalized, safe, and fun. She is both personable and knowledgeable, and I saw results.
Thanks Mitra! -Amani D.